Monologue (Hatter, 1-minute, Male or Female/30's-40's, Dramatic)

Windy Hallows
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Add a new monologue to your audition or acting class repertoire with a haunting monologue from "Up Here, Down There."

Recently seen at The Count's Den in Downtown Los Angeles. An immersive experience from the archives of The Rabbit Hole Society. A Windy Hallows Theatrical experience, written by Erika Jenko.

Character Description:

HATTER (male or female, 30's-40's): The key to Alice feeling like herself again. Calm and supportive, but hides a fear that Alice isn’t ready to fall as far as she’ll need to to heal.

Monologue Length: 1 minute

Genre: Drama


"Once there were two girls who lived at the bottom of a well."

There is a riddle that Alice can't free herself from. A riddle that comes to her in the middle of her anxiety attacks. You're invited as Alice's guest to her mother's yearly tea party, where she will be faced with this riddle yet again. Immerse yourself by falling into the haunted mind of Alice and the way that she sees the world.

Focusing on themes of mental health and navigating topics such as suicide, anxiety, emotional abuse and depression, this immersive experience seeks to explore the nuances of living with anxiety.

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Monologue (Hatter, 1-minute, Male or Female/30's-40's, Dramatic)

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